DTF printer

Are you a business owner in search of cutting edge printed garments & merchandise? Do you want to know about the latest technology that is revolutionising the world of promotional printing? Then look no further than DTF (Direct to Film).

This revolutionary new technology allows businesses like ours to print directly onto film, bypassing the need for costly setups and allowing prints with unparalleled detail, vibrancy, and clarity. Keep reading to understand how this innovative printer works for us and how it can help your business look even better this year.

At the back end of 2022 we were lucky enough to welcome the latest addition to the Direct Print team. Working closely with the guys from Resolute DTF, we landed and installed our new R-Jet PRO DTF Printer V4. This machine cleverly prints colour images in reverse directly onto film that is fed through the machine from a roll. It then overlays a white print directly on top. Once printed, the roll is fed through a powdering unit that coats the prints with a powder that eventually runs through a UV unit that is cured and then ready to be heat pressed.

DTF powdering unit New DTF printer

Once the transfers are printed all that is left to do is cut them down to size and apply them to your items. Using waterbased inks is a huge game changer for us. In the past most or our inks for screenprint or digital printing have been solvent based or plastisol. This means curing and cleaning the inks can be messy and often uses harmful chemicals. But not anymore. ‘Waterbased’ is exactly what it says on the tin. We are proud to say this printer uses no nasty chemicals and has no messy clean down either. You could say it is an ‘eco’ printer!

So what can they be printed onto?

Not only are our DTF transfers great for applying to workwear and promotional clothing but we can also apply them onto a range of promotional products too! Items such as…

Umbrellas Bags Caps And more...

Will the prints fade or crack?

This is something we get asked a lot…

These prints have been tested to 50+ washes and we can truly say they do not fade or crack, even after 50+ washes. This is down to the little bit of stretch that the transfers give meaning they are slightly flexible and move with your garments.

There really are no limits for our DTF prints and they look stunning on promotional clothing and on professional workwear and uniforms. Colours are unlimited but if you fancy a solid white print, then that is fine too!

Bringing this printer ‘in house’ means we have been able to massively reduce our costs and pass the savings onto you, our customers. Unlike before, we can now print as little as just 1 item, perfect for those last minute gifts.

Sound too good to be true?

Why not order your FREE DTF printed T-shirt today and see and feel it for yourself?

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