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Application Methods

Thanks to our industry leading machinery and workmanship, We Do Workwear offers a wide range of techniques to apply customisation to the garments of your choice.

Our embroidery and printing techniques are designed to seamlessly integrate your branding onto a variety of garments. However, it's essential to take into account specific factors, such as the material of your chosen attire, when making a decision on the most appropriate application method.



Screenprinting is the process of adding your designs to clothing using ink that is pushed through a stencil using a rubber squeegee. The whole process is actually a little more intricate than that but that is it 'in a nutshell'. Using only the best quality inks we can replicate single colour right up to 4 spot colour designs, after this it may be worth considering digital print or perhaps embroidery if your design has more than 4 colours?

Water Based Transfer

One of the latest print methods to hit our market is what is called a 'water based heat transfer'. These transfers are super long lasting. Very bright and vibrant and best of all the minimum order for this type of print is just 10 units! With these printed transfers being water based means they are eco friendly and vegan approved! The transfers are first printed to a backing film, adhesive is then added and once dry we heat seal them onto your garment or product.

There are many different styles such as promo quality, wearables (suitable for washing), sub blocker for sports kits, metallics and many more! Contact us for further info.

Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat transfer vinyl is perfect for personalistion such as names. We often use it for orders below 20 because it keeps the cost down for you our customer. Heat transfer films have really come on leaps and bounds in recent years so no longer are they washing off or cracking like old horror stories you used to hear about! We invest in the best to give you only the best finished product. HTV (heat tranfer vinyl) is available in lots of different colours so we are sure to have something for you.


DTG stands for Direct To Garment. This process involves locking garments down so they are totally flat. We have around a 30x40cm print area and can print light or dark garments in stunning full colour. There is no minimum order for DTG printing making it a great option for those more complex designs.


Our in-house embroidery department boasts an impressive daily output of up to 288 meticulously embroidered logos! However, at We Do Workwear, we understand that every day brings unique challenges, and some designs may require more time due to variations in stitch complexity. Our cutting-edge embroidery machines are equipped with 16 needles, allowing us to bring to life designs with up to 16 colors. Plus, we offer the flexibility of no minimum order, so you can start with as few as just one item—a perfect option for testing or sampling your designs. Embroidery is not only a timeless branding choice but also a highly recommended one for logos that are well-suited to this meticulous process.

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